because i don’t know what to do.

"i wanna hold you in my arms & never pretend that our love ain’t workin we was better as friends, i know it never works for others but we better than them cause in just one night we shared so much, you spoke & i listened but we didn’t dare touch, its been a couple months you never called to say whats up, so i’ll put it in this song when you hear it hit me up"

i wanna know who could love you like this.. i wanna know.

sippin from your cup, til it runneth over

you get the air of my lungs whenever you need it, you take the blade right out of my heart just so you can watch me bleeding, i still don’t know why, why i love you so much.


make sure you make time for yourself. make sure you keep a handful of friends by your side.  make sure you know that family always, always come first.  listen to good music…  make sure you know that friendship is reciprocated (if i don’t benefit from you, then why should you benefit from me)..  love yourself .  if you have to start all over .. start.  & if you need to breathe .. fucking breathe.

i believe in yolo & you should to.

life in a nutshell.
  be fucking happy .

there are songs that make me think about you.  this one happened to be the one that hit the most. 

as i sat there watching this weeks episode of SMASH..i cried my pretty eyes out as soon as he started to sing this song, and replayed every emotion of losing a bestfriend.

the words to this song hit soo close to home..its the masochist in me, i guess.

i miss you nessa.  if i could only get that tuesday night back.  …

the obstacles of my soul, like chronicles, but a boring one into the late 20s of my youth..excuse all my french and psycho babble bullshit. that's just how i roll.

but there will also be music involved. a whole great deal of sound. let your ears take over.

enjoy the read.

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