i hope that you’re the one // if not // you are the prototype // we’ll tiptoe to the sun // and do thangs i know you like .

this whole album touched my soul, this particular song touched my heart. 

should of been, could of been. US.

& i fell to easy, like the other times, thought this could be easy, if i didn’t write this time, do i have the time to? do you have the time to? do we have the time to? can we make the time to, step in the name of love. step in the name of love.

praise me later.

i’m taking the sign of this rain as something substantial.

for that, i turn into a music freak connecting emotions and thoughts a click into my hidden files and let that shit hit me.  that shuffle option makes it soo ‘cray how a certain beat, or lyric depicts the present ongoings of my life. 

for example.

excuse me, andreya triana.  the power of your voice has kept me hostage putting this song on repeat. .


sat down here best intentions

nothing said, nothing lied,
a bit of peace,
a bit of love, 
a bit of something left behind.

we shall go on, in this wayy..
cause we can’t go on living this wayy.

the obstacles of my soul, like chronicles, but a boring one into the late 20s of my youth..excuse all my french and psycho babble bullshit. that's just how i roll.

but there will also be music involved. a whole great deal of sound. let your ears take over.

enjoy the read.

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